Rear-end Collision – Jury Verdict and Total Recovery of $187,419

Our automobile accident attorneys obtained a total recovery of $187,419 on behalf of our client, who sustained a back injury in a rear-end automobile accident on Highway 12 in Sonoma County. Even though the defendant rear-ended our client, who was stopped at a stoplight, the defendant refused to admit that she was at fault for the accident.

We demanded the full amount of the defendant’s $100,000 State Farm Insurance policy. State Farm refused to settle at that amount and offered our client $50,000 right before the beginning of the jury trial. We rejected the offer and tried the case before a jury.

The jury returned a verdict in the amount of $119,810 in favor of our client. Because the insurance company had refused to admit that its insured had caused our client’s injuries and because the insurance company had refused to pay our $100,000 demand, our client was awarded her attorney’s fees, costs, and interest, which brought the total recovery on behalf of our client to $187,419.01.