Business Structure & Transaction

Having the right structures and agreements in place is the touchstone for every successful business. We assist our clients in determining not only the right structure but also give advice on commercial risks and potential litigious ones as well. Well-executed agreements and transactions cannot only preserve value but also enhance it. Our attorneys have always taken a proactive approach with our clients to find benefits, reduce risks and protect their interests whether it’s a complex, unique or routine business matter.

Whether large or small, a law firm that handles all facets of business structuring and/or transactions is better suited to meet your needs and protect you from expensive litigation. The Freitas Law Firm, LLP possesses the knowledge, skills and experience to guide you through this process from finding what’s right for your situation to effectuating your goals or needs.

Just as Marin is unique, so are you and your business. Even in more than 90 years of being a law firm in Marin, it is rare for us to have completed two transactions that are the same. That is simply because no two clients are the same when it comes to their desires or goals. However, one thing we have found to be consistent is that when it comes to a person’s business, the demand for excellence is always what matters the most.