Neglect of Elderly Patient in Rest Home – $431,250 Settlement

Our elder abuse team successfully secured a $431,250 settlement for our elderly client, a residential care facility patient, who suffered multiple lacerations in an incident at the rest home where she was living. The settlement was brought under California’s Elder Abuse and Unfair Business Practice statutes. It included recovery for our client’s pain and suffering, attorneys’ fees, and other damages in order to properly compensate our client for what she endured.

Our attorneys, working with specialists in the field of senior nursing, demonstrated that the residential care facility failed to assess and report our client’s progressive decline with sufficient frequency, resulting in inadequate medication management; failed to provide a safe environment, resulting in multiple physical and emotional injuries secondary to falls, freezing episodes, and progressive and under-treated psychological symptoms; failed to coordinate communication of our client’s and another patient’s status with their health care providers and family; failed to follow physician orders regarding medication administration; and failed to hire and train competent staff.

Our team brought suit and, after mediation, we were able to obtain a $431,250 settlement for our client.