Head-on Collision with Underinsured Driver – $212,500 Settlement

Our automobile accident attorneys obtained a settlement of $212,500 on behalf of our client, who was driving on a city street when a driver who was going the opposite direction suddenly made a left-hand turn in front of him colliding with the front left side of our client’s vehicle, which was declared a total loss.

After the accident, our client began seeing flashes of light and experiencing lower back pain. Our team was able to establish that our client had suffered a traumatic detachment of both retinas in the collision, requiring that he undergo a total of four medical procedures on his eyes to correct the damage from the crash.

After obtaining the $100,000 policy limits of the adverse driver, we proceeded against our client’s own insurance carrier under our client’s underinsured motorist coverage. Through the recovery we obtained from the adverse driver and our client’s underinsured motorist coverage, we were able to bring our client’s total recovery to $212,500 at mediation.